OffPeak App


The problem

College students live on a tight budget.

Restaurants around college campuses often have student discounts to incentivize off campus dining. Unfortunately, finding these discounts is not easy as restaurants market and communicate in different ways.

Value Proposition


Restaurants suffer from off-peak hours; their business fluctuates throughout the day while they have high fixed costs to stay open.


Students have crazy schedules and live on a tight budget. New digital trends resonate with this demographic and students are always looking for the best deal. 

What if we could use mobile technology to incentivize student consumers to dine during these off-peak hours?



What is OffPeak?


Exclusive discounts

Get access to one of a kind, time-sensitive promotions that are only available to Offpeak users.


See which restaurants around campus are most popular with friends and other students via the in app feed.


The best restaurants

Every Offpeak restaurant is a hand picked student favorite. From fast food to steakhouses!

Save dough

On average, a student will save 37% on food during their first month of using Offpeak 4 times a week.


Eat out, get cash

The most loyal and active users are rewarded at the end of each month with gift cards and cash.


Offpeak will be available at 5 colleges across the nation and continue to grow throughout the year.

An experienced team

Fitz Tepper | USC 2016 | CEO
Max Whitehead | RIT 2016 | Design Lead
Mike Cieselka | USC 2016 | Development Lead

Together Mike, Fitz, and Max designed, developed and launched numerous apps as undergraduate students. OffPeak is the culmination of this experience and was awarded 3rd place and $5,000 of seed funding from USC's business school.

Application Workflows

Wireframe Breakdown

APPlication User interface

View original HungerGrad concept pitch from University of Southern California's New Venture Seed Competition: