Caravan App


The always on connected nature of 21st century life has entirely shifted the paradigms of connecting with friends. The ability to contact anyone at any time has ushered in the ability to make or change plans at a moments notice.

We are no longer tied to pay phones and leaving messages to be passed on by a liaison when attempting to coordinate and meet. The technology to communicate rapidly is very mature but communication amongst groups of friends regarding location is far from easily understandable. We are able to send media rich messages to friends, why isn't it easier to quickly share our location amongst a group?

caravan-hero copy.png

The use cases

Everyone has experienced one of these frustrating situations when trying to coordinate plans with a group of p


The Solution

A location sharing and group communication mobile application. The application will provide users with the ability to easily share their real-time location to any of their friends; creating a temporary group conversation centered around a single event.



The organizational behavior of groups leads them to typically communicate via a chain or wheel. While this is generally effective it is suboptimal and limits the speed and accuracy that information can be relayed to all parties involved. 

All channel communication is the superior method, everyone keeps up to date.



Caravan's user experience is designed for younger and technically savvy people who want to simplify the logistical process of meeting up with friends. From grabbing drinks after work to planning a game of pickup basketball there are endless opportunities for a simple group location sharing app to help ease the process. Caravan's experience is broken into two distinct pieces: first, destination selection, creation of the group, and invitation, second chatting and way-finding.


Final Interface

The Caravan app is currently a work in progress and moving through the initial development stages. Visual design style guide, final comps, and final designs are in the works. The following gallery contains initial final UI comps.

The Caravan app concept was initially developed for RIT 48, a weekend long mobile and web hackathon. Max worked alongside developer James Ward and designer Neil LaVigne to create and pitch the concept. Caravan achieved 1st place and was awarded $ 2500 in seed funding for further development. Click below to view the pitch deck.