BSC Band


Diabetics face many challenges in daily life that most take for granted. 

Diabetics bodies are unable to naturally produce or respond to insulin thus resulting in elevated levels of glucose in the blood. Regular testing of blood glucose levels is the single most powerful tool for diabetics to better understand their bodies and take control of their condition. Unfortunately traditional methods of blood glucose testing are either cumbersome or expensive making it inconvenient to constantly test blood. Diet, exercise, activity, and sleep are a few of the many variables that impact blood sugar levels - making active diabetics especially suseptible to these challenges.

Typical blood glucose testing procedure


BSC System

The BSC band is a wrist-worn smart device that improves quality of life for diabetics by tracking myriad physiological data in addition to serving as an all in one blood glucose test meter.

The BSC system uses all of this data along with smart phone synching and cloud software to simplify the challenges that millions of diabetics face on a daily basis. By leveraging this smart technology and software BSC provides an instant overview of an individuals overall state to help better address their condition like never before.



The band is worn as a watch and contains a lancet to draw blood, a twist off 10 test strip compartment, and an onboard PCB capable of reading blood glucose and sending data to a smartphone.

Exploded view